HIGHTIDE is a brand established in Fukuoka, Japan in 1994, specializing in office supplies and stationery. While our products evoke American and European nostalgia, the design and functionality have been developed with utmost care.

In addition to the popular HIGHTIDE Diary planners, there are a variety of product lines within HIGHTIDE such as Penco, Nahe, New Retro, Butler, PH, Re-Standard, Hum… each with its own particular style. We also offer daily essentials from various Japanese makers, and their use range from office, to school, to home; from leather glasses cases to playful stickers.

HIGHTIDE STORE DTLA opened in Downtown Los Angeles, in 2017. The store is inspired by "Bunbogu-ya," a local stationery store that existed near a school, a place familiar to anyone who grew up in Japan. In these small stores, shelves were crammed with notebooks, pencils, erasers, pen cases, cheap sweets and toys. For students with little pocket money, these shops stood as a place to hang out, alone or with friends.

At HIGHTIDE STORE DTLA we hold exhibitions, workshops, and highlight Japanese makers and artists, hoping to create an environment similar to such Bunbogu-ya. Come stop by, take your time, come back again and let's be friends.


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Hightide Store DTLA

787 South Alameda St #140
Los Angeles, California 90021

phone 213.935.8135

Mon - Sat 11 - 7
Sunday 11 - 5