With this new blog series, we do a "stationery goods visit" with our friends in Los Angeles.

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  • Cooler Cargo Bag

    From school lunch to large picnics, these insulated thermal bags are useful for daily and outdoor use.

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  • CORNERSHOP in Brooklyn

    Visit a tiny gem of a shop on the east coast that shares space with a Japanese plant & kokedama studio.

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Head Outdoors

2 Way Knapsack (STANDARD SUPPLY)2 Way Knapsack (STANDARD SUPPLY)
Cargo Bag/ LCargo Bag/ L

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Shoes Like Pottery Hi/ White (MOONSTAR)Shoes Like Pottery Hi/ White (MOONSTAR)

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Japanese Retro Sticker (NEW RETRO)Japanese Retro Sticker (NEW RETRO)
Mini Tool Box (NEW RETRO)
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