HIGHTIDE is a stationary brand that was named from the feeling of having been fulfilled emotionally and spiritually. 
This stationery brand was founded in Fukuoka, Japan in 1994. Started mainly with schedule planners and office supplies. Focused on design and functionality of fashionably nostalgic European and American office supplies. In addition to our original products, HIGHTIDE STORE DTLA offers products from various Japanese makers that will fit into your daily life.
Within HIGHTIDE there are a variety of lines including Penco, Nahe, Butler, Wax, PH, Re-Standard, Hum, Duram, Trion, each line with it’s own particular style whilst committed to Hightide’s level of excellence and functionality to it’s smallest detail. We use a variety of techniques to produce a vast line of products from it's design stages to manufacturing, specific materials, traditional craftsmen, etc. we find the best team with the experience and skill to achieve our standards. We range from high-tech, to office use, to home use, to back to school, notebooks, pens, hour glasses, masking tape, to playful and cute stationary and stickers, we hope to find products that everyone can enjoy. HIGHTIDE brings together fun and efficiency in the office and at home.