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Wooden Doll/ Dharma /Red

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A wooden "Good Luck" dharma doll with white on red polka dots by Kopi Panas.

In Japanese tradition, the eyes of the firece-looking dharma dolls are intentionally left blank. The owner sets a goal, with the help of the dharma to grant a wish, by painting a pupil in one of the eyes. It is a visual reminder to work towards the goal with patience and grit.  Once you have achieved the goal, paint in the remaining pupil with pride and gratitude.

*Each doll may slightly differ from the photo due to its hand-made nature. 

Size (approx):
6" in height


Kopi Panas is a Japanese company that brings one-of-a-kind figurines made from Albasia wood, a fast-growing, light and soft tree native to Indonesia. Each doll is made by hand in Indonesia, throughout the process of carving, drying, painting and varnishing.