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STOP CORONA/ T-Shirt/ Black Dot

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A T-shirt made of 100% raw cotton with graphics by The Printer's Devil, a wood-block printing and letterpress studio based in London.

The graphics were originally designed for the posters in "Lockdown Lockup" series. The project was conceived in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic "lockdown," with "lockup" of hand-set type that is "locked in place" to be printed on the press.


In their words: Each work is a future souvenir of this strange and uncertain time. Inspired by and made during ‘lock down’ in London 2020. All the work is made in Isolation.

Dimension: (Length) / (Width)

S: (L)28-28.5" / (W)18-18.75" 
M: (L)29-29.5" / (W)20-20.75" 
L: (L)30-30.5" / (W)22-22.75" 
XL: (L)31-31.5" / (W)24-24.75" 
2XL: (L)32-32.5" / (W)26-26.75" 

Also available in Pink Dot.


Photo credit: Sean Hazen