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Obscure Socks/ Women’s/ ABELIA

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A pair of relax-fit socks for women by OBSCURE SOCKS Japan. Similar style available for men as AGAVE.

The sock is soft to touch and highly absorbent of moisture, as the pile fabric is knitted into loops as towels are made. The wide heel flap provides secure fit and cushion feel ensuring comfort. Nylon thread from toes to heel reinforces the bottom of the foot for durability. The two different knit types between the leg and foot of the sock is an accomplishment in technology. 

One Size fits most: 23-25 cm / 6-9"
Material: Cotton, Nylon, Polyurethane 
Package size: (W)4.5” x (H)11" x (D)1.3”

Made in Japan.

* We recommend washing the socks inside out by hand or inside a net using a mild detergent. Line dry with the opening side up. No bleach.

OBSCURE SOCKS is a collaboration between Hightide and Go Fujito, the creative behind the menswear brand FUJITO. Using the names of plants and flowers as inspiration, OBSCURE SOCKS brings socks for both men and women that would fit various scenes and styles regardless of age or sex.