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Art Book / Into Mountain (BIENVENUE STUDIOS)

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A limited edition art book "Into Mountain" by Bienvenue Studios of Switzerland. The book features Risograph print pages that are stitch-bound by hand.

About the book from Bienvenue Studios:

In this book, we show traditions from the Jin Dynasty that people performed before they went to the mountains. Nowadays, such rituals can be perceived as absurd or ridiculous. But at the time, people were merely expressing humbleness and respect towards nature. This seems to have been lost in the present day. The planet is suffering and is seen merely as a resource that can be exploited as one pleases. 

We hope that we can learn again to live in unison with nature, to appreciate and protect it along with all the special beings it hosts – before it is too late.

Dimensions: (W)6.3" x (H)11"
Pages: 48 / First Edition of 100 / Numbered and signed
Printing: Risograph in Switzerland
Binding: Stitch binding