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2-in-1 Game Bag

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A portable bag containing two board games in one by Hightide.

The grids printed on the two sides of a cotton bag act as the boards for playing the simple games of reversi and checkers. Comes with 66 round wooden pieces, 2 of which are extras with a Hightide logo. The game rules for checkers are printed on the back side of the packaging label.

Fun to play at home or take it outdoors for picnics, camping, or traveling.



Packaged: (W)3" x (H)8.7" x (D)1" 
Bag: (W)8.7" x (H)9.3" x (D)0.3"
Wooden pieces: Ø0.8" x (H)0.2"

2 players / age 6+