Tenugui / Tour de Nippon (PAPERSKY)

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Cotton Tenugui towels with various patterns representing rural prefectures from Tour de Nippon project by PAPERSKY.

PAPERSKY brings inflight magazines onto the ground and beyond, promoting traveling, revealing treasured cultures of Japan while collaborating with a variety of designers to produce original goods for adventures outdoors and within.

This time Papersky teamed up with a Japanese traditional tenugui maker Kamawanu. Each towel is hand-dyed via the chusen method, where patterns are hand-cut by craftsmen. Tenugui’s have been the towels of choice for Japanese travelers since the Edo times because the specially woven cotton absorbs moisture perfectly while drying in a flash. 

Dimension: (W)13" x (H)35.4"

Made in Japan.


The patterns are based on the characteristics specific to each area:

Official - Papersky identity & Japanese flag colors in movement 

Takamatsu - rolling sea & udon noodles

Onomichi - quiet sea

Shizuoka - green tea fields

Tanba Sasayama - black edamame beans

Tottori - sand dunes

Oita - madake bamboo

Shodoshima - olives & leaves

Ise & Toba - clouds over Ise Shrine

Nagoya - scales from the golden fish on castle rooftops

Nara - somen noodles

Noto Peninsula - black tile rooftops

Tokyo - Tokyo Tower

Kyoto - gobannome gridded streets

Kagoshima - sweet potatoes of Ryuku 

Aomori - snow on the mountains

Shiga - ripples on the big lake Biwako

Shimane - biggest straw rope of Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine

Gunma - horses in the wind

Akita -  Japanese cedar

Okinawa - shingles on traditional house & love for dance

Nagano - mountain ranges & Japanese Alps

Hokkaido - honeydew melon

Nagasaki - chanpon noodles & many islands

Ibaraki - natto beans

Kochi - pristine waterways